Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Main floor part 2

Troy's office with his new massage chair that he's in at least once a day. The computer desk was a mess so no picture of that, sorry.

Kitchen - half the cupboard space as the old house so
I'm still working on that.

It looks clean now but ask my kids, it never looks like this and
luckily you can't see the floor.
Family Room

LOVE this backyard. Plenty of shady places for the kids to play and there's a little bench hiding in that back corner - perfect place to steal a kiss.

I have plans for this garden but it's raining every day the next couple of days so I can only blog about it for now.

Main floor

Welcome to our home! Here are some pictures of the main floor.   My 4 year old spilled half a bottle of baby powder upstairs and tried to clean it up with a blow dryer (he said the Holy Ghost made the mess, not him) so it might be a while before I post pictures of the upstairs. :)

Front door

Inside - front entry & living room

Living Room

Dining Room

Basement part 2

Here's the rest of the basement:
13 year old finally has his own room

Game table with spinning middle - games are in that armoire

Man cave - 2 reclining sofas and a reclining leather rocker - very comfy.

New Home Pictures - Basement

I love going into other people's homes to see how they decorate and organize things. I'm still not done decorating but I know our extended family would like to see our "new" home. Here are some pictures of the basement.

Our old dresser painted black now for our 10 year old son
His bed - I need to make a black headboard

3/4 bath

Cold Storage - half that stuff is my mom's that she needs to come get so I can fill it up with our year supply of food and toiletries.

I LOVE the food storage shelves.
There's another longer wall like this to the right.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

100 day Book of Mormon Reading Challenge

In our Relief Society we started something new and wonderful - a Book of Mormon reading challenge! Last year we did a 6 week challenge so it ended up taking around an hour every day to get it done in time. This year we wanted to mix it up a little and make it easier. Somewhere, someone in our presidency found this 100 day challenge. I love that it has a thought for every day and a question to ponder so it makes you STUDY instead of just READ. Simply submit a comment with your address and I'll email you the pdf file. (I haven't figured out how to do a link to it on blogger - if anyone knows how to do that please comment.) We cut them and put them together as booklets with a whole punch in one corner and held it all together with one of those metal rings. You could pass it along to your ward's RS presidency or make one for yourself to do this summer.