Sunday, December 20, 2009

Baby Sewing Projects

Can I just start by saying it is so much fun planning for a baby girl? I'm a little giddy at the moment. Here's my list of things to sew:

*Mei Tai pronounced may-tie. The last one I made was gender neutral but it would be nice to have something that screams "GIRL!" I want to add a hood, pocket and have it rounded at the top since my last one didn't have those features. Here's the one I have now that was a lifesaver (and a workout) when we hiked last summer: (half the time he fell asleep) *Quilt & burps. I found some cute pink "bubble" fabric that's so soft and cuddly.

*Carseat cover (basically a blanket that attaches to the handle part) Below is the tutorial but I'll add flowers where it attaches to the handles and jumbo rick-rack around the hem. You use a whole yard for each side.

*Slipcover for the actual carseat. I found a used one for $30 yesterday - see below. (They are still selling it at Walmart for $150 - score!) The dark brown matches the fabric perfectly so I'm just changing the pattern part. Took me awhile to cut (no pattern) and pin (we had canned soup that night for dinner... at 8pm) but I'll hopefully get it sewn in today. Here are before and after shots: *Nursing cover with boning - done! I made it reversible and did ties instead of D-rings. I'm not that well endowed so I adjusted the boning to 12 inches that way it's not gaping open for EVERYONE to see but I can peek & baby can still breathe.

*Coordinating diaper bag. I like the tie on the nursing cover to I'll add that to the bag handle. I have a secret bag-craving. If I wasn't married, half my closet would be full of different bags.

*Might make a reversible wrap carrier. These truly are the most comfortable and versatile but it's tricky getting it wrapped on w/o getting the tails dirty. I just need to find some brown jersey knit for a decent price (use a w/ a coupon) and it won't take me more than 15 minutes to "decorate" it. Check out She has beautiful designs in case you don't want to make one yourself.

*Last but not least, I need to make a white blessing dress and crochet a blessing afghan. I'm thinking lavender would be pretty.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Product Recommendation

I never do this but... this is so cool! This Jeep stroller is the new Wrangler Unlimited g-edition. The g stands for green - the fabric is made from 40 recycled 16 oz. water bottles... How cool is THAT? It's good for up to 50 pounds, has 2 side pockets, 1 back pocket and undercarriage storage area for mom and 2 little side pockets by the kid so they can keep a few small toys nearby. N is a little tall for his age (3) and yet there's still room for him to use it another year or two. He's been falling asleep in the car lately and it's really hard to carry a sleeping toddler when you're pregnant so I needed something like this. It's great for taller people so you're not hunched over and it's an umbrella style so it will fit in any car. It came with a travel carrying case but it also has a tough fabric handle on it so you can easily carry it comfortably with one hand when it's folded up. Did I mention it's only 16 pounds? N has been sitting in this for the past hour watching a Christmas show on TV. It's obviously comfortable and it also reclines. "OK, ok, where can I get it?" you ask? I ordered mine yesterday, got free shipping and it came within 24 hours. LOVE IT!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The most wonderful time of the year

I love the way fresh fallen snow sparkles in the morning light - truly mesmerizing.

I love watching my kids rush to play out in the snow for 10 minutes then come inside begging for hot cocoa only to go back out again just so they can come back in another 10 minutes for MORE hot cocoa.

I love going to Festival of Trees and know I'm supporting a good cause. I was exhausted near the end but the kids seemed to have fun. N went in the bubble machine 6 times!

I love finding the perfect Christmas gift for someone and imagining their faces as they open it Christmas morning.

I love seeing my neighbors and visiting with them as we deliver neighbor gifts - we never did that in Arizona. Is that just a Utah thing? If so, I'm not leaving.

I love seeing the lights at Temple Square and listening to amateur singers perform beautiful songs that touch my heart and remind me of the true meaning of Christmas. (My brother Scott came with us.)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I think we should have bought our own plane when we first moved to Utah. We go down to Arizona at least twice a year and the drive down is OK but going back is brutal. My favorite part driving south is coming thru this canyon area and then it suddenly opens up completely to a view of the Grand Canyon. My favorite part coming home is driving around point of the mountain and seeing the Jordan River and Oquirhh temples amidst the see of sparkling city lights. Draper seems to be hiding the best because you have to wait and look to the other side.

This Thanksgiving we drove straight to Safford to spend time with the Young Family. This was our first year without Grandpa and my nephew is on his mission as well so we didn't even try to ask Grandma if we could do a group picture. The food was great as always, too much pie (as always) and we tied and finished a quilt to give away. The cousins had a blast playing together. Sadly, this is the only picture I took that day. I ended up making the shirt & skirt the day before we left... crafting sounded so much funner than cleaning the bathrooms.