Thursday, December 17, 2009

Product Recommendation

I never do this but... this is so cool! This Jeep stroller is the new Wrangler Unlimited g-edition. The g stands for green - the fabric is made from 40 recycled 16 oz. water bottles... How cool is THAT? It's good for up to 50 pounds, has 2 side pockets, 1 back pocket and undercarriage storage area for mom and 2 little side pockets by the kid so they can keep a few small toys nearby. N is a little tall for his age (3) and yet there's still room for him to use it another year or two. He's been falling asleep in the car lately and it's really hard to carry a sleeping toddler when you're pregnant so I needed something like this. It's great for taller people so you're not hunched over and it's an umbrella style so it will fit in any car. It came with a travel carrying case but it also has a tough fabric handle on it so you can easily carry it comfortably with one hand when it's folded up. Did I mention it's only 16 pounds? N has been sitting in this for the past hour watching a Christmas show on TV. It's obviously comfortable and it also reclines. "OK, ok, where can I get it?" you ask? I ordered mine yesterday, got free shipping and it came within 24 hours. LOVE IT!

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