Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Don't you love it when you find a poem or song that says exactly what your heart wants to say? This is from Janice Kapp Perry. I originally found it in the book "Fathers of our Faith." You can find the story behind it here:
under her published articles.

I can understand how much Heavenly Father loves His children because I have an earthly father who loves me. Thanks Daddy! Have I told you lately that I love you? I love you whole bunches! XOXO Forever & Always  ~Karen

"My Father's Faith"

A father's faith can bless his little children
And help them rise above life's daily storms.
A father works each day to keep his dear ones
Ever protected, safe and warm.

My father's praise can send my spirit soaring
And help me see the good I may achieve.
My father's trust can fill my soul with courage
And help my doubting heart believe.

My father's tears can somehow say, "I love you"
When words fall silent in his tender heart.
Through daily acts of service and caring
His deepest feelings he imparts.

My father's prayers can call down heaven's blessings
And keep his children walking in the light.
His constant strength is steady as a lighthouse
That brings me safely through the night.

My father's arms can offer consolation
When I, in sorrow, turn my heart toward home.
His loving voice resounds within my being
To help me know I'm not alone.

My father's eyes can see past faults and failings
And still imagine all I may become.
And when I fall he's there to walk beside me
To tell me I can overcome.

My father's love will shine through generations -
A gentle force that guides me through the years.
My father's faith will be my inspiration
And make my path to heaven clear.

(Janice Kapp Perry, 2008)