Friday, May 11, 2012

Summer Fun List 2012

Every year I make up a list of things I want to do with my kids to make some memories.  Last year I only got half of them done.  I'm bound and determined to fit it all in this summer.  Maybe if we start a little early, like right now, we'll be able to get it all done.  :)

Summer Fun List for 2012

1.       Outdoor "concert in the park"
2.       New Outdoor Amphitheatre with Dad
3.       Bear Lake family reunions: Minnetonka Cave, 50 mile Bike Ride, Pickleville Playhouse, Talent Show, sandcastles on Rendevous Beach, shaved ice and raspberry shakes
4.       Hogle Zoo, Liberty Park (wear swim suits underneath for waterpark) and Tracy Aviary
5.       Thanksgiving point gardens, dino museum, feed the farm animals, eat an ice cream tower, see the new Brave movie
6.       Red Butte Gardens
7.       The Leonardo museum by Salt Lake City Library, have lunch on the roof of the library.  Yes, you can legally do that and it's safe.
8.       Lagoon with Dad
9.       Clark Planetarium, Discovery Gateway, City Creek Disney Store, Temple Square, lunch at Lion House, Church History Museum
10.   Hike Cecret Lake then go to the new Natural History Museum
11.   Donut Falls and Living Planet Aquarium
12.   Family Bike Ride to McD’s for smoothies
13.   Library, B&N Reading programs
14.   Provo Beach Resort with Dad
15.   Snowbird with coupon with Dad
16.   Planet Play with coupon with Dad
17.   Short hike to Ensign Peak and then visit Gilgal Gardens
18.   Airborne jump place with coupon, lunch at IKEA, Bowling that night with Dad
19.   Cupcakes on Sundays – homemade, different every week, share extras with neighbors so I don't get pleasantly plump again.
20.   Crafting: large gumball bracelet and edible necklace (fruit loops & cheerios), melted crayon art, corn syrup paintings, tie dye shirts, paint hot rocks, black magic art, angry birds balloon fight, noodle light saber swords, handmade geodes from egg shells, sidewalk chart art in driveway, origami, sew pajama pants
21.   Redbox movies and pizza on Friday nights.  Our baby hates the real theatre, or maybe she just wants us to save the money and spend it on her in the future.  She won't tell me.
22.   Family Camping – foil dinner & smores with Dad
23.   Gardner Village
24.   Bridal Veil Falls and BYU MOA
25.   Jeeping with Dad
26.   Picnic at Sugarhouse Park? Make red & white blanket with embroidered handprints.  Large squares = quick sewing job
27.   Rock Wall climbing
28.   Fly kites
29.   Paint yourself with chocolate pudding then have a water balloon fight
30.   Fishing
31.   Wheeler Farm
32.   Mini golf
33.   Boondocks
34.   Splash pad in Herriman
35.   Blow bubbles – make all sorts of devices with yarn, wire, etc.
36.   Block Party - homemade rootbeer, jumping castle, BBQ, don’t forget tiki torches.  We don’t share with bugs.
37.   Color Me Mine pottery studio with Dad for Mother’s Day or Mom’s Birthday.  I really want a large platter with all their handprints on it.
38.  Sew and construct a Summer Tent from PVC pipes