Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The most wonderful time of the year

I love the way fresh fallen snow sparkles in the morning light - truly mesmerizing.

I love watching my kids rush to play out in the snow for 10 minutes then come inside begging for hot cocoa only to go back out again just so they can come back in another 10 minutes for MORE hot cocoa.

I love going to Festival of Trees and know I'm supporting a good cause. I was exhausted near the end but the kids seemed to have fun. N went in the bubble machine 6 times!

I love finding the perfect Christmas gift for someone and imagining their faces as they open it Christmas morning.

I love seeing my neighbors and visiting with them as we deliver neighbor gifts - we never did that in Arizona. Is that just a Utah thing? If so, I'm not leaving.

I love seeing the lights at Temple Square and listening to amateur singers perform beautiful songs that touch my heart and remind me of the true meaning of Christmas. (My brother Scott came with us.)

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