Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I think we should have bought our own plane when we first moved to Utah. We go down to Arizona at least twice a year and the drive down is OK but going back is brutal. My favorite part driving south is coming thru this canyon area and then it suddenly opens up completely to a view of the Grand Canyon. My favorite part coming home is driving around point of the mountain and seeing the Jordan River and Oquirhh temples amidst the see of sparkling city lights. Draper seems to be hiding the best because you have to wait and look to the other side.

This Thanksgiving we drove straight to Safford to spend time with the Young Family. This was our first year without Grandpa and my nephew is on his mission as well so we didn't even try to ask Grandma if we could do a group picture. The food was great as always, too much pie (as always) and we tied and finished a quilt to give away. The cousins had a blast playing together. Sadly, this is the only picture I took that day. I ended up making the shirt & skirt the day before we left... crafting sounded so much funner than cleaning the bathrooms.

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