Sunday, July 1, 2012

100th post - CRAZY!

I see I missed June entirely.  School got out and it's been busy with our bucket list (see previous post).  My son J turned 12, had a CRAZY fun party and received the priesthood.  We saw Madagascar 3 in 3-D then did Xtreme Paintball.

We also got to go up to Bear Lake to reunite with my mom's side.  We played minute-to-win-it games every night which the kids loved.  My aunt put together a touching DVD with tons of family pictures I had never seen before. Thanks to my Dad for bringing up his boat - it was a blast!  We even got to ride our bikes around the lake.  :)


As soon as we came home we got to hang out with our friends from Arizona.  Wish these guys lived closer.  J is missing because he was at his first week-long scout camp and her baby was napping with Daddy.

I see that this is my 100th post (CRAZY) so I thought I would share my crazy workouts I've been doing.  That's why I've been too busy to blog.  I wish I could post before/after pictures but I try to avoid cameras.  Let's just mention I lost over 30 pounds since end of January.  Yes, I procrastinated my New Years Goals but I had to wait until I was motivated and my 5 year old proudly telling me I was the fatest mom (like it was a good thing) was my wake-up call.  I'm getting faster on my road bike (averaged 17.8 mph last Saturday on my 32 mile bike ride).  I must say it's a thrill to pass the men on my bike since I have a little competitive streak in me.  Last time I checked I was at 14% body fat and don't want to go any lower.  Don't worry - if you saw me you wouldn't be able to tell.  I've got plenty of "mommy" written all over my body.  I used to think I had to do lots of cardio to lose weight but now I realized how important it is to strength train as well and that healthy is not a number on the scale.

Diet:  I aim for 50% carbs, 35% protein and 15% fat and about 1500 calories a day with lots of water.  I love Chobani yogurt every morning.  Cottage cheese and chocolate protein shake for snacks.  Only 1 fruit a day.  I used to eat 3 fruits a day and snacked on whole wheat bread smothered in nutella.  Delicious but not healthy.

Exercise:  Monday 1 hour elliptical or spin class (I'm taking a break from running because of past injuries that flare up when I run) and weights.  Tuesday bike ride outside 15-20 miles.  Wednesday elliptical.  Thursday spin class and "swim" with kids.  Friday 45 min. elliptical (and yoga if I have time).  Saturday long bike ride.  This Saturday I'm doing 40 miles, next week, 45, then 50 then a rest with 30.  I got tested and found I have a higher VO2 max than most females my age.  That means I'm supposedly in better shape but it also means I have to work harder to get the same calorie burn.  I'm horrible at flexibility.

Strength Training for July (below is the training plan I came up with).  In June I was doing combination weight training using a 45 pound bar so I'm excited not to have to use hand/bar weights.

Power month - Plyometrics

Perform 3 sets of 12 reps with 30-60 second rest in-between sets.  
In-between exercises rest 1-2 min. (depending on the speed your heart rate lowers)

Warm-up with 5 min. of rowing OR treadmill rotations (1 min walk then rotate at 3.5 mph for 30 seconds each to L side, back walk, R side, front, R side, back walk, L side, then front 1 minute run)

(Remember to keep abs tight and arms up shoot whenever possible for upper body)
*Squat jumps – squat then jump with hands high in the air.  Down and up as fast as you can.
*Knee tucks - Jump high, tucking knees high, tapping them with your hands in front of you.
*Lateral hurdle jumps – with both feet, side jump over an object then quickly jump back to other side.
*Power skipping OR Bounding (exaggerated running)
*Box jumps - work on progressing up to higher boxes.  Have your feet tap and jump down or walk it down.
*Plyo Push-ups - push so fast that your hands leave the floor for a second. Clap them if you want. (Work on progressing from Girl à Boy style)
*Split squat lunges. Like single leg lunges but instead you jump and switch legs with 90 degree swinging arms.

Finish with core work:
-Stability ball sit-ups 25 reps
-Assisted chin-ups 12 reps (need to work on this not being assisted)
-Plank hold for 1+ minute
Rest & repeat 3 times

Stretch it all out  (My FAVORITE part!)