Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Fun List & a new addition to our family!

Every year I get so excited for school to end so I can grab my kids and go on lots of field trips. Each year we do a few new things and try to do some of our old favorites as well. I'd thought it would be fun to share with you some of the things we have planned for this summer:

Mondays are designated Cleaning Day but we'll also go for a bike ride to a park for a picnic lunch. We're still keeping up with piano lessons as well. And of course, we're doing Family Home Evening every Monday night.
Tuesdays are Craft & Cooking Day. We'll do a craft project & I'll teach the kids how to make their favorite thing to eat.
***Our Summer Crafts are: decorate a photo frame, tie-dye shirts, sew a tote bag for library books, stepping stones, sew PJ pants, clay creations, and door hangers.
Wednesdays have Storytime in the morning at our library. I already got the info for summer reading programs at the library and Barnes and Noble. Then we're off on a field trip.
Thursdays are reserved for Yard Work but in the afternoon I'll take them swimming.
Fridays are hiking days and date night. Once a month we'll take a kid along and make it their special night to have Mom and Dad all the to themselves and we'll let them decide what they want us to do. (I always wished as a child that I could tell my parents what to do...)
Saturdays are Field Trip Fun days (see list below) and hopefully Daddy will be able to come along.
And Sundays are a day of rest which I will need by then. :)

Some of our old favorite things to do are:
*Do some boy scout activity patches for J
*Swimming at the Rec Center - they have an indoor playset that's fun but it gets loud.
*Go camping in the backyard and at our Ward Campout
*Children's Museum & Clark Planetarium & play in the water feature
*Church History Tour - Museum, visitor's center, BY Musuem, etc.
*Liberty Park & Tracy Aviary & Salt Lake library where they have themed reading coves.
*Thanksgiving Point Gardens and Dino Museum (coupon)
*Gardner Village (for Sweet Afton's free fudge sample)
*Living Planet Aquarium (discounted first Monday evening of every month)
*Farmer's Market Saturday mornings downtown
*Provo for the Museum of Art, Krispy Kreme tour, McCurdy Doll Museum (still don't know how I'm going to drag my boys in there.)
*Hogle Zoo & This is the Place (FREE on July 10th)
*Wheeler Farm
*Red Butte Gardens (FREE on Pioneer Day and Sept. 7th)
*Natural History Museum (FREE first Mondays of the month with activities after 5pm)
*Bowling, Classic Skating Center, Mini-golf (I love my Entertainment book!)
*Boondocks (just once or twice on their $12 Tuesdays)

Some NEW things we're doing this year are:
*Ogden- Dino Park, Treehouse Museum and possibly iFly to see my almost 9 year old fly in a wind tunnel (coupons for all!)
*Cabela's - apparently they have a ridiculously sized fish tank
*Build-a-bear (coupon!)
*Fishing. Free (no license required) on Saturday June 14th
*Park City - Alpine Slide, Human Maze, Legacy Launchers, and Little Miner's Park
*Pottery class at Color Me Mine with a coupon
*Cooking Class at Young Chefs Academy with a coupon
*Go to Bear Lake for a 10k and during Raspberry Days (I'm so excited!!!) for a 5k
*Seven Peaks - still looking for a coupon
*Cowubunga Bay which is brand new. Not sure if it's worth the money... I have a friend who said if I go at 6am for a TV shot next week our kids can get in free and play for awhile. We'll see if they wake up that early...

You won't believe it but it really does all fit into 3 months. We're also going to AZ for my neice's wedding - I feel so old when I say that. Oh! And Jeeping. Phew! Don't tell my husband I put that last. I really am excited to try out our new Jeep rubicon once he gets it lifted and the 3rd row seat put in. It's our new "baby". So much easier than giving birth to a real baby. LOL Isn't he cute? Now we can all fit. We used to have to drive two cars down and then pawn off one of our children to a friend. The 3rd row can be forward/rear facing. Cool, huh? They were having a sale, Troy was able to bargain it down further and they threw in an Entertainment package, a sleeping bag, fishing pole and MP3 player. Moab, here we come!

P.S. If anyone's interested in a white Liberty, call me! :)


  1. Wow! That is quiet a list. It is hard to believe how it all fits into one summer! Sounds fun. Are you guys going to Mexico at all this summer?

  2. No, when we go down to AZ it's only for the weekend and after driving 13 hours, we never feel like driving another 4. We've only been down there 2 or 3 times since my parents bought the first home there.

    That's what I love about Bear Lake though - only 2 1/2 hours away from home and they have a gorgeous "beach" and no fish smell. I miss the jewelry vendors and shrimp cocktails though. But there's nothing like a raspberry shake in the summer time.

    Are you guys going to Mexico this summer?

  3. KAREN! This is awesome! Well, your whole blog is awesome too. :) Definitely adding it to my faves. PS: Your new "baby" is cute. Loving the yellow! And our family LOVES Bear Lake too.

  4. Reading your list of things to do over the summer makes me tired just thinking of how busy you'll be! You are da woman! LOVE your new baby, I'm only a little jealous, really. Donya