Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Long time no blog

We really have been busy with all our summer activities and yet I'm already planning my to-do list for when school starts and I have some ME-time again. You know me and lists:

*Potty train my baby boy
*Walk/Bike/Run every day with N in stroller or bike trailer. Also put him in a gym class of some sorts - he already likes to do front flips off the couch and onto the love sac.
*Get all the kids into swim lessons. I'm hoping it won't be so busy once school starts.
*SCRAPBOOK - I feel sooo far behind
*Quilting - all the kids need new, bigger quilts and I want to do a patriotic one for picnics.
*Finish painting the inside of the house: ceilings, doors, trim and touch-up.
*Deep clean every nook and cranny. It's true what they say: Cleaning the house with kids still in it is like shoveling the driveway in a blizzard.
*Temple at least once a week and get my scripture reading in every day.
*Index 100 names per week. This is my newest thing. You transcript old census files so temple work can be done on them. Check it out at http://www.familysearch.org/

I must say that one of the funnest new things we've done this summer is HIKING every Friday. It's just gorgeous around here and it's fun for the kids & they get some fresh air. Here are some of our favorite places we've gone:

*Cascade Springs up American Fork Canyon. Very pretty with little fish and butterflies.
*Ensign Peak - a little steep in some parts but the view is to die for! You gotta go, now. There's so much wonderful history up there as well in the lower memorial garden.
*Bridal Veil Falls - short, paved and just plain fun since there are snakes & squirrels along the way. The kids liked Krispy Kreme donuts on the way home as their reward for the long drive.
*Cecret Lake - I spelled it right, really. Last year there was still snow up there in July. Salamanders in the little lake up at the top = pure bliss for boys.
*Red Butte Gardens - there was a free day. I love freebies.
*This is the Place Park - another free day. It was packed with people.
*Donut Falls - it was packed when we went on the 4th of July weekend. I'd like to go again so we can go all the way to the top and see the actual part where the water falls into a hole in the rock. Hence the name, Donut Falls.
*Mt. Timpanogos - kinda steep but worth it for the view. I recommend the cave tour if you don't have a baby who's afraid of the dark. Last year, N woke up crying and the tour guide hurried us thru the rest of the tour since no one could hear him speak above N's terrified cries.

Ensign Peak:

Look for my upcoming post about our trip to Ouray, Colorado. We had so much fun there. If it wasn't so cold in the winter, I would consider moving there.

One more side note: Z and J both moved up in their piano books. Hooray!

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