Sunday, August 30, 2009

Finished rag quilt

Here's the first quilt I've finished since being inspired from the quilt show I went to a few weeks ago. For those of you who scrapbook, do you recognize the print? It's from My Mind's Eye and I have the matching paper. *Heaven* I was going to do a gathered hem but after a couple HOURS both threads broke from the strain so I did pleats and it was done in no time. I've only washed it once so it still has some fuzzies on it. I have enough leftover of the pink polka dot to make a matching nightgown for winter. My daughter's so excited.

Now I'm starting my son's scrap quilt. We had some "discussions" about fabric choices yesterday at JoAnn's: I really don't think he should be sleeping with pictures of skeletons/skulls/all black. He's only 9 for crying out loud - isn't that supposed to happen when he's 17? Anyway, here are the pictures of the front and back. Enjoy!


  1. Way cute..I have such a talented SIL.

  2. That is beautiful! So, where is the tutorial?? Just kidding, kind of. I would love to know how you did the pleated hem.

  3. Thanks ladies. Actually I kinda wish I HAD taken pictures while doing it but just so I could put it in her scrapbook. I didn't measure, I just pleated it and pinned it down. The corners were a little tricky but it was fast and I like the organized, clean look of the hem since the blocks are obviously scattered so there's no set pattern. BTW I really like your quilts on your A Mi Amor site. Great prices. My favorite is Cupcake Stripes - that bubble fabric is so soft. I just noticed you have slings - is that new for your site? 3 of my kids practically lived in those, they're lifesavers!

  4. The Cupcake Stripes is my favorite quilt too. I am kind of tired of doing the quilts I have done and am looking for something new. There are so many good ideas online I get overwhelmed by it all!! Yes, the slings are new. I started them about three months ago. I am so behind in sewing for my kids though, I am really trying to catch up with that.
    I have never seen pleated ruffles like you did. It looks so nice! I love prairie points and may do a quilt like that soon for my friend who is pregnant. Have you done those before? The triangle 'ruffles?' I need to start posting some of my projects on my blog.

  5. Prairie points are so cute but take more time. I've only done it once and used 2 colors and had them overlapping. Hopefully that makes sense. I'm looking into buying a new sewing machine since I can't do machine quilting on mine - I want one were I can lower the feed dogs and have a darning foot. What kind of sewing machine do you have? Would you like a different one and if so, what kind?

  6. I did prairie points a quilt I made for Arya, and yes, they take quiet a bit of time. Sure look cute though!

    I got my machine, a Brother that does embroidery too, about four years ago. It has been great, but the foot peddle is going out. Fortunately I can sew without it, but it is much harder. I haven't done machine quilting, but I want to look into it and see if my machine will do it.

    My first machine was a brother, $200 from Walmart, and it lasted 10 years. If I could do it over again, I would get a similar machine, but without the embroidery. My embroidery is limited and too many bells and whistles can leave room for more things to go wrong.

    About a year ago I bought a serger and I love it. Do you have a serger?

    Let me know what kind of machine you get. Most of my sewing is clothes. But I really want to get into machine quilting!!

  7. I have a Brother as well and it's great. No fancy embroidery though. I only use 5 stitches - I guess I like to keep things simple. I have a serger and love it for clothing. Right now it needs to be repaired; it's a Brother as well.