Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter Cleaning

Hubby and I talked and he convinced me that we really do need to move. We don't fit in our house anymore meaning there shouldn't be 3 boys in one small room. And he'd like to park his Jeep in the garage... for once. OK, OK. Hence the Winter Cleaning. I don't want to move junk. So I've been going thru closets, re-organizing, throwing stuff away and I have to say...

It feels SOOOOO great!

We're giving away as much as possible and throwing away all the junk we've accumulated. The house seems bigger and cleaner already. :) House repairs are slowly getting done too. So that's why I haven't been blogging regularly lately.

Did I mention we found a house we love? I HATE moving. I hate keeping the house clean so other people can come look at our house but I'm actually looking forward to it now because of this "new" house. We haven't placed an offer yet but we're getting ready to. In the meantime, lots of cleaning going on at our house. Hubby got rid of 4 trash bags full of clothes to give to the homeless shelter. And I found Big Sister's old clothes (I thought I got rid of cuz we were "done" and they are perfect size for Little Sister. Don't need to shop for her for the next year. :) Hooray!

Now go clean your closet and let me know what you find! I promise, it will feel so good!


  1. Way to go Karen! You've inspired me! I'm going to start right away!! Good luck on the move!

  2. I'm trying to clean...I think you need to come help me!!! :P