Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall colors

My 11 year old has recently gotten interested in photography.  I want to share with you the picture he took recently for a Reflections contest at school.  Story behind the picture: We drove up the canyon several times to try and get a picture of the leaves changing colors.  Did I mention my camera is 5 years old and I've never learned how to use it?  I don't have the time.  I love it when I get a perfect picture with my camera.  Anyway, the canyon was gorgeous, I wish we'd driven up there sooner to see the changing colors - this is our first year doing it and we've lived here 11 years.  Sometimes we got up there late so it was too dark and the pictures didn't turn out right.  It's just not the same as seeing it in person.  Anyway, I went to get the mail one afternoon and low and behold, this tree in our yard was starting to explode with color.  It reminded me of those "firecracker" or "rainbow" popsicles I used to love as a kid.  I ran inside and told Jeremy and he shot this picture.

It made me think, "God is truly amazing."  He made all these beautiful things for us to enjoy - in our own backyard.  He gave us variety.  I enjoy it, marvel in it, and I'm thankful to a Supreme Creator for letting me realize it.  Someday I'm going to ask him, "How did you make green leaves turn yellow, red then brown?"  Amazing...

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