Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nana's Centennial Celebration

My beloved Nana (my father's mother) passed away just a week before N was born.  For her 90th birthday we had a huge party for her and all her friends came from near and far to visit her.  It was so much fun.  She was such a great influence in my life and so on what would be her 100th birthday I decided to celebrate her life and share with my kids pictures and stories from her life.  We ate her favorite foods, did some of her favorite things, I even made a quick little video of all the pictures I had of her.  Unfortunately I was a little sick that day so we didn't do everything I had hoped for but it was still fun.

Nana used to wear a "cobbler" apron because she loved to cook and keep a clean house. I wish I had a picture of her in her apron. I remember her making pies the whole day before Thanksgiving. I made most of the food the day before since I still have young children at home. :)
Breakfast: Canned peaches (she liked canned cherries too), homemade whole wheat toast with sharp cheese, ovaltine
Lunch: Fruit salad, real turkey or cheese/nut sandwich on sourdough bread, bake semisweet chocolate chip nut cookies and be sure to share some with a neighbor
Snack: Cinnamon rolls
Dinner: Chicken Supreme, potato rolls, salad, cherry & pecan pie with real whipped cream and a big scoop of Breyers natural vanilla bean ice cream
Find Pictures from her life and read Aubrey's Life story that she helped compile, "Life of a Gentle Man"
Go hiking with blue socks and chant as you hike, "I left, I left, I left my right foot home"
Play 42 with dominoes
Her favorite TV shows were The Cosby Show & Wheel of Fortune
Visit the Temple and sing "Families Can Be Together Forever" and share favorite memories of her, what she taught me
Nana's favorite scripture- Jesus blessing the Nephite children 3 Nephi 17
Sing "I need thee every hour"
I'm still searching for a video my Dad did a couple years before she passed away. He asked about her life history and I would just love to hear her voice again.  Isn't she beautiful?

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