Monday, February 22, 2010

Baby Sewing Projects UPDATE

Did you know you can go to JoAnn's and use a JoAnn's coupon on fabric, a Robert's coupon on thread and a Michael's coupon on a pattern or any other non-fabric item? And all in the same transaction! I love it... *sigh* Anyway, here are a few pictures of the baby sewing projects I've been wanting to finish:

*Girly Mei Tai (pronounced may-tie). The hood flap is made of that super soft bubbly fabric and can be used to cover up baby's face when she's sleeping. This can be forward/rear facing and you can do a front carry or back carry. It's lightweight and my favorite way to carry babies. The wrap is the most comfortable for longer treks though. I'll post a picture of that once baby comes since it's just a really long piece of stretchy fabric with a middle panel for decoration. Wrapping it is the tricky part.

*Fleece pouch - I had enough leftover to make another one to keep in the car and a scarf for E and later a baby hat (not sure what size to make it so I'm waiting) Cost for each pouch = $5. Maybe in the summer I'll make a reversible cotton one with a cute pattern but fleece is just so easy to use and it took me less than 10 minutes to cut & sew these 2 pouches using a french seam.

*I love the double-crochet lavendar afghan I made but I always wanted to make a Granny-Square one so I chose pink and did a scalloped edge again.

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