Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hospital Packing List

Let's be honest - nobody likes to wear those thin hospital gowns and nobody looks good in them. So I whipped up this cut little number to cheer me up when I go to deliver #5. I got the free pattern online from I lengthened it a bit. This would make a great gift for anyone who has to spend time in the hospital. Below is my list of things to take for delivery. LMK if you think there's anything I should add.

Hospital Packing List

Infant Car Seat (leave in car)
Nursing pillow
Extra pillow

In diaper bag:
baby shampoo, lotion & powder
2 receiving blankets (I know they provide these but don't you hate how all your kid's newborn hospital pictures look exactly the same?)
4 burp cloths
baby hat
baby nail clippers
baby wipes and diapers
2 onesies & socks
2 sleeping gowns/outfits for baby
going home outfit for baby & hair bows

In Rolling Suitcase:
robe & slippers
2 pair undergarments & socks
menstrual pads cause the hospital's are awful
nursing & sleeping bra
homemade hospital gown for delivery
2 pairs comfortable pants & tops
going home outfit for me
Charged cell phone
Camera and extra batteries
Video camera and charger
Purse with I.D. & insurance card
Baby journal/scrapbook for footprints
Books - Nursing Mother's Companion & Book of Mormon
Activities – card games, knitting book/kit by Klutz (I've always wanted to learn)
Snacks – fruit leather, etc.
Breath mints and gum

In Toiletry Bag:
face wash stuff
shampoo & conditioner & body wash
washcloth and towel cuz I don't like thin, bleached, rough towels
razor and lotion
toothbrush and toothpaste
nursing cream
hair brush, bands, clips & hairspray
hairdryer & curling iron
chapstick & makeup
nail clippers and nail file
prenatal vitamins
dirty clothes bag
MP3 player - last time this was how I got thru labor w/o an epidural. My OB thought I was listening to Enya - nope, Van Halen! He got a good laugh out of that.

Presents from baby to kids such as a new book and a gift card to their favorite fast food place.


  1. holy cow you are going to be ready! I brought a ton of stuff the first go round and didn't crack the suitcase. Second go round I had the music - huge improvement over the first try - Van Halen is funny, I just can't picture you listen to that labor or not :) I had color chips and did a meditation sequence I can teach you if you want, that helped alot too. Oh, and you're not really going to try and learn to knit while in labor are you?

  2. Sounds like you've got everything you need. So idol! Giving birth to my first I forgot so many of the necessities, funny to think back on just how unprepared I was.

  3. Yes, the knitting book is for AFTER labor. I hate sitting around in the hospital doing nothing. If I could I would shower, dress and go home immediately after. The only thing I DO like about hospitals is they deliver your food and there's no cleaning up.