Thursday, July 7, 2011

Upstairs - Little Kids & Craft Room

My mom broke her leg so we've been helping her out quite a bit and I'm making a quilt for our family reunion.  We've been busy.  This summer is going by way too fast.  Here's the rest of the pictures of our "new" house.  Sisters Room - my 8 year old loves to practice gymnastics in here and it's big enough that she can.  She loves to read so I put together all my old bookcases from my childhood room and now she has a library wall.

Four year old's room - still need some more IKEA kids furniture.  There's a mini tramp in the corner and from the stud rings we hang a trapeze bar - sometimes it's in timeout because it gets too wild in there.

Craft Room - My old kitchen table is on the other wall but it still had stuff on it.  It was our wedding gift from my Nana.  I also have a hutch and counter-desk that was hers.  In the old house my craft room didn't have a closet so I am LOVING that!  There's the quilt I should be tying right now.
The kids love the new house and all the space.  They enjoy playing hide-n-seek since there are so many places to hide.  I imagine we'll stay here as long as we can cause moving is just too hard.

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  1. Um....I am moving in....FYI...I get the room with the trapeze rings! :)