Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Relief Society Birthday Dinner Idea

I just wanted to share what we did for our Relief Society Birthday Dinner last March.  I always like looking around for new ideas so here's one that might work for your ward.  I threw out my back a week or two before the dinner (not fun with 5 kids - my house quickly became a disaster zone) so our RS President and Coordinator took over and did a fabulous job putting together a wonderful evening.  The night of the event, I felt well enough to go hobble around.  I took 4 Advil when I got home but it was worth it.  I wish I would've taken pictures, sorry.

Charms on magnet card as placecard and take home gift.  On a 3x4 scrapbooked card there was tied a little high-heel charm they could add to a bracelet or key chain so they would remember the night.

High heel cookie cutout frosted so cute in a clear bag as a dessert or take home gift.  A lady in our ward decorates cookies for her job so she helped make them deliciously fancy.

Visiting Teaching Skit put on by the presidency and committee.  The RS President played her part and our 1st counselor played a sister that needed to be visit taught.  Then we had pairs of sisters come "visit" her (each pair wore a different kind of shoe).  The skit was similair to this video:  It was hilarious!

We decorated the tables with different solid colored tablecloths and dollar store girl's dress up shoes.  The tables were already set to save time.  We did a potluck dinner since budget was tight.

Also on the stage we had a tower of shoes.  We asked sisters to donate gently used shoes that we could give to the Humanitarian Center later.  We ate dinner, did the skit and then we did a service project - we tied strips of fabric onto new dollar store flip flops that we donated the next day.   The best part was getting to sit down and enjoy dinner and talk with each other.  We're always so busy with our lives  that we never take the time to stop and really visit.  That was my favorite part.

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