Monday, February 16, 2009

Fat-Free Fake Food

So a new thing in Primary that they just started doing is Second Sunday Sundaes. Any children with a birthday in that month get to go to the Primary President's house after church on the 2nd Sunday for icecream sundaes. I made up this fake sundae to display so the kids would remember to come. The icecream was a styrofoam egg covered in a mixture of modge podge and light cream paint. The white frosting was tricky. I found that a mixture of cheap shaving cream, modge podge, a little white flour to thicken it and more white paint look nice. I used a frosting tip for this but it didn't turn out as nice as I would've liked. The chocolate drizzle was harder since I didn't have the right brown color. I did modge podge, paint and then thickened it with white flour and stuck in in a ziploc bag and squeezed it out of a cut corner. The cherry is actually dried playdough covered in glitter red paint. The cherry stem is the only real thing and I poked that in before allowing the playdough to dry for 2 days. It was stuck on with a toothpick half in the icecream part and half into the cherry. Pretty fun, eh?

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  1. So cute,and the brown looks perfect :) Michelle S.