Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm the crazy wheat lady in my ward

Wow! This Crystal is one amazing woman. She's even coming out with a book in March that's filled with wonderful recipes that use mainly food storage items. I'm now a huge fan of whole wheat cookies, blender wheat pancakes and cookie clay dough. Check out her website at You gotta try these recipes! I taught part of a Wheat 101 Enrichment and it was a piece of cake thanks to this website.

I was so inspired that I've been working really hard these past 2 weeks and I can now say that we finally have our year supply. (This includes long-term and short-term food items as well as basic necessities like TP, soap, laundry & cleaning stuff, shampoo, etc. ) We could live off our food storage for 6 months and my kids wouldn't know the difference... I don't think they'd ask "Hey Mom, where's the salad?" Unfortunately some things only have a 6 month shelf life like fruit snacks and graham crackers. :(

My challenge this month of March is to NOT shop. Well, only once and that's because Macey's is having their annual sale starting Wednesday and it includes powdered eggs that are $6 off their normal price. So other than one #10 can, I'm not shopping. I challenge you to work on your food storage and see if you can go one week, then one month w/o shopping. This is a great way to see what you're missing in your food storage.


  1. You go Karen! Look at you, food storage queen. That is quite a challenge you are undertaking, I look forward to seeing what creative meals you come up with (so I can be lazy and just copy instead of coming up with my own ideas.) Good luck!

  2. It's amazing what you use when you can't shop for food. LOL We're cleaning out our freezer quite nicely.

    Breakfasts have been oatmeal, blender wheat pancakes, cold cereal when we wake up late, homemade granola cereal, Blueberry Muffins and Mickey Mouse waffles. I love the Fruit Drink mix from the cannery!

    Dinners have been Spaghetti w/ meatballs, Chicken & Rice, Mac & Cheese, Chicken Soup, Homemade Pizza, the ever-popular Breakfast-for-Dinner, Ravioli and casseroles. Sunday we had rainbow bow-tie pasta with italian dressing, shredded canned chicken and corn. Simple but yummy.

    Cakes, cookies, brownies and more cookies for desserts. Also rainbow jell-o was a huge hit last night. BTW, powdered eggs don't work very well in brownies. They just didn't rise as well.

    Lucky for me my kids love PBJs for lunch but every now and then I'll put in a ham and turkey roll-up. Grilled Cheese on the weekend and I'm going to try to get them into Tuna again.

    We ran out of fresh fruit already but I have dehydrated apple slices, fruit snacks and lots of canned fruit. They haven't noticed yet. Wa-ha-ha! I think they actually like it that I'm coming up with new things.