Monday, February 16, 2009

Terrific Time in Tucson

I'm warning you now, this is long and has lots of pictures. Ready? :)

I took the kids out of school (along with their homework) and we all went to Tucson for over a week. The kids did their reading in the car between field trips and they were good about practicing piano every day. J even learned how to play a new song from his cousins "Star Wars" music book.

We drove down all day Thursday and got in after midnight so we slept in for Z's birthday on Friday. We went and picked up our Tucson Attractions passports at Park Place (this saved us over $40) and played there for awhile then saw Inkheart since he's read all the books. I want to go read the books now, the movie was very interesting. Then we picked up his cake and icecream (I love Costco) then had a party with family and friends. It was fun visiting with everyone!

Saturday was my neice's baptism and what a special day it was. I should have taken more pictures but was too caught up in the moment. I made this exploding box and had some beaded crocheted white socks inside with a poem tag.

Sunday we got up early to drive to St. David for morning church then hung out with them and the rest of the Young side. We played a new game Wits and Wagers that was fun.

Monday we went with my brother's family to Kartchner Kaverns. This is hands down the best cave I've ever been too and very well protected. I only wish we could've taken pictures inside. Next time we'll do the other room that wasn't open. The Rotunda/Throne room was outstanding. After lunch we headed to St. David to help paint/re-model a bit then back to Tucson for FHE with Greg & Misty and their kids and my other brother Mark & his new wife Michelle and their new puppy Hank joined us.

Tuesday we went to the International Wildlife Museum, San Xavier Mission del Bac (picture below) and the Tucson Children's Museum. We'll definitely go to the Children's Museum again and we'll remember to bring quarters for parking. Took us 5 minutes to search the car for coins! :)

Wednesday we drove way over to tour the Biosphere 2. So cool! I've always wanted to go. We brought along our lunch every day and this saved us a lot of money as well. That afternoon we went to the Tucson Botanical Gardens. The Butterfly Magic exhibit was the best. Definitely worth the extra $ and we got some cute pictures, learned about composting and saw a mutated saguaro.

Thursday we went to Sabino Canyon (they ONLY take cash and no, they don't have an ATM anywhere closeby) and rode the tram all the way up for the tourist info then stopped at shuttle stop 6 for a picnic lunch and played in the water. The boys found a little cavern they had fun playing in. Later we headed over to Reid Park Zoo and saw an albino (white) peacock with its feathers displayed. It took my breath away.

Friday I starting working in the kitchen since my SIL wants to remodel the house while my parents are on their mission in Chile. I hate wallpaper... That afternoon we drove to Safford for a Surprise Birthday Party for my 85 year old father-in-law. Boy were they surprised to see us again. They thought we drove home. All part of the surprise plan... Troy got this funny picture since everytime I tried to take a picture, my MIL had her eyes closed.

Saturday I spent the whole day stripping... wallpaper. :) I did take a break halfway for lunch. I grabbed my kids and 2 of my brother's kids and we got lunch at Eegee's (yummm) and ate over at Aqua Caliente Park.

Sunday I woke up at 5am, and after trying to go back to sleep I got up at 6am and we left by 8am to drove home. We got in about 8:30pm. I missed my pillow... and my showerhead... and my laundry detergent.

OK, I'm done. Now I need a vacation to relax from all this vacationing. :)

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