Sunday, March 15, 2009

72 hour kits

N's excited because it's that's time of year again! I love listening to General Conference. That weekend we break open our 72 hour kits and gobble them up. We also assemble our new ones. I've been doing this for several years now and found that I like to put in things that require NO cooking and NO preparation. My kids won't eat MREs and the lemon butter squares would get boring after one day. Here's what we plan on putting in our kits:

6 people in our family times 3 days = 18 of everything except 32 granola bars and 180 candy

Breakfasts we have a breakfast bar and OJ packet.
Lunches we have beef jerky, 2 granola bars and fruit punch packet.
Snacks we have fruit leather or fruit snacks.
Dinners we have a small V8, protein bar (don't worry, I know the Twisted bars in my picture were recalled. We won't eat them) and grape juice packet. You could do a hot cocoa but then you'd need hot water. We have buddy burners in our backpacks but prefer not to use them.
Treats we have hard candy and gum wrapped in foil so the minty fresh smell doesn't spread to all your food. AND it keeps your gum fresh and soft. We kept ours a year one time and it was still soft

When shopping remember to check expiration dates!!!! It only needs to last 6 months (till the next General Conference). It would be a good idea to put in a prepaid phone card as well as some quarters. This all fits in a gallon size freezer bag. Don't forget to include a meal plan paper in there so they know when to eat what.

Breakfast: Breakfast bar, orange juice packet
Lunch: Beef Jerky, fruit punch packet, 2 granola bars
Snacks: Fruit leather/snacks
Dinner: V8, protein bar, juice or hot cocoa packet
Treats: 3 hard candy and 1 stick of gum

Put any leftover food in your car. This is great if you're stuck in traffic or the kids say "But I'm starving Mom!" We also keep a 2 liter bottle of water in our car as well as TP and trash bags. Extra outfit, diapers and wipes are under our baby's seat. Just in case...


  1. Yummy! This looks like a tasty 72 hour kit. I bet the kids are looking forward to any potential disasters with enthusiasm.

  2. Our 72 hour kits are similar to yours but I like yours better, time to upgrade! What a great idea to rotate them out at conference.

  3. Not related at all to 72 hour kits, cause you know, I just don't relate... but I LOVE the border and your story about the lamb. I never knew you has a sister. The story was adorable. I hope Saturday turned out the way you wanted. BTW, SB and I wanted to know when your birthday was - I knew once but can't remember.

    ...I'm retarded, I've tried to post the comment UGH number of time and can't get it to work so I'll do it anonymously - but you know who I am :)

  4. Great idea...Keep up the good ideas. Sure miss you guys. HOpe all is well.

  5. this is awesome. I was just thinking a few weeks ago that I am so NOT prepared and need to get going on something like this!