Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Future Craft Ideas

I'm just posting this so I remember what I want to do. And it's always fun to share...
Here are my crafts/projects that I would like to complete this year, in no particular order:

Quiet Books – 6x6 sheet protectors tied really well with double colorful ribbons thru the hole punches
-My Favorite Colors – use that background color then take pictures of them wearing/ surrounded by that color.
-Temples of the World – include at the end picture of our family in front of the temple saying FCBTF or lyrics to I Love to See the Temple.
-Follow the Prophet – pictures of each prophet and what their focus was during their time.
-My Gospel Standards – Mormon Ads on patterned colored paper with Primary Gospel Standards at the end.
-Articles of Faith – Print of each AoF on clear paper w/ picture of what it’s talking about framed in background.
Jewelry - Make green button bracelet, earrings and headband for E for St. Patrick’s Day.
Pillowcases for E – I'm missing July, School and Halloween. http://www.mormonchic.com/ has the pattern under their Crafty section.
Glass Etching my name on the bottoms of my glass casserole dishes.
Neating/Cleaning Apron with pockets and handtowel sewn on.
Vellum picture and quote on glass block. Saw these at Quilted Bear and LOVE them.
Flannel Rice Bags can be used for hot/cold packs. Year-round versatility. Need the quote that goes with it if gifting it.
B&W Memory Plates to hang in my scrapbook room
Capri Sun beach bags, purses, wallets, sunglass cases, etc. http://www.mormonchic.com/ has the pattern for the purse. This makes a great recycled gift and it's waterproof!
Rag Rug – braid strips of old cotton fabric rolled like double sided bias tape, then whipstitch together thru braids.
Twin Size Denim Quilts for my boys
Flannel Rag Quilt for E
Quilted comforter OR duvet cover & tall bedskirt to cover food storage for Master bed.
4th of July themed picnic quilt
Modge Podge fridge magnets and more for the growth chart. Get the big round magnets.
FHE vinyl board
Use the 15 3x4 cards from Greg Olsen's “Beautiful Savior” at Deseretbook to make "The Living Christ" paper with Savior Pictures on the matting.
Twin size basic tied quilts to donate to Humanitarian Services. Check out their Current Needs list on http://www.providentliving.org/
And...Finish the denim tiered skirt I started many months ago... lol

I'm seriously thinking of making one of those old-time quilt frames that you used to see at Quilting Bees. I found a pattern online and have a jigsaw so I think I can do it. Right now I have a small PVC type one and it's OK but I have to move it often.

What are some things YOU want to make this year?


  1. That is a mondo list! Hmmm, my years craft goals? Sewing, painting, tiling, yikes! too many to count. Think I might take up frame making. Have fun with your jig-saw, I LOVE mine!

  2. What are you sewing? I'd also love to hear what you've done with your jigsaw. I bought it so Zachary could earn his Craftmanship in Cub Scouts and get the special 20 patch for earning all 20 activity pins. He had to make a picture frame for one and boy it would've been helpful to have a 90 degree angle marker. We used a lot of glue for filling in the mitered corners. lol Black paint helped hide it all.

  3. Holy cow girl, I thought I had a long list. There aren't that many craft nights in a year :)